Post Office
Postcard Post Office and Children - enhanced 1684w

West End, looking towards Gate End.

The post mark on the back of the post card is for October 14th 1907, so obviously the original photo was taken before that M Barnard, Marine Photographer and Post Card Publisher, of Hull.

There are at least 15 people featured on the photo with several of the young boys carrying books or small cases, that might be for their schoolwork.  Almost all the buildings in the photograph were still used, and recognisable more than a century later.  The Post Office (in the centre of the photograph) was run by Edmund Bickell and his wife Elizabeth.  Note the footpath sloping down from Earlsgate Farm, which remained in evidence for more than half a century after the photograph, and the churned up verge on the extreme right which appears to have been in use by cattle from the same farm.  The “triangle” at the top of Ferry Lane is just visible on the extreme left, and above that can be seen a bicycle in smart condition, which is not what could be said about the cottage it is leaning against.

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