Winteringham Hi-Res History Photos
Church from Hill 1
Winteringham Church from Hall Close

Winteringham Church from the Hill - 1

Winteringham Church from a postcard franked at Winteringham on 16th September 1905.  In the centre of the photograph is the National School, looking as though there is new fencing at the rear of the school.  The roof seen above the National School belongs to “Rookery Cottage” - with the elms in the churchyard with their rooks nest giving the reasons for the house name.  To the right of the elms trees is Meggitt Cottage, now no longer in existence.  The building on the left side of the photo is the old “Tudor Rectory” at this time being the outhouses and stables to the Victorian Rectory.  The farmyard in the right mid-foreground is a great example of such a farmyard of the era.  With the photo taken in winter or early spring - note the bare trees - the mist over the Humber hides the Yorkshire shore.

The message on the reverse of this post card is: “I arrived quite safe.  I hope you are enjoying your rest the same as I.  It’s lovely weather here Love.  I am at this address until Tues.  Evelyn Hall.”  It was addressed to Nurse H Newsham, Birkdale Farm School, Birkdale.

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